hi I'm kyra I'm 14 and I like mac and cheese also I have no idea how to make themes or add links to them but hey it works
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why the hell is it called welcome to night vale when literally nobody is welcomed to night vale????

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OK Highway Patrol Captain George Brown says the best “tip” for women to not get raped by a cop is to “follow the law in the first place so you don’t get pulled over.”http://youtu.be/BO8g8akPWcY (Last third of the video).
Three serial rapists in 3 weeks arrested in Oklahoma, all cops.
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Pro tip: if you’re signaled to pull over (whether you’re male or female) and you’re in a place that has no witnesses, turn your hazard lights on to acknowledge the officer’s siren, and drive to the nearest gas station or populated area. This is accepted protocol by every agency. You are not obligated pull over until you can do so safely. This includes personal safety. Understand your rights, brothers and sisters. There are disgusting examples of authority in this world.

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enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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While we’re calling out youtubers with a large following who are total creeps, can we add Adrian Van Oyen to the list? He’s an Australian youtuber who legit made a video where he approached women naked, as in totally unclothed, and many of them were visibly distressed.
I know someone who was the victim of a pervert who chose to expose himself to her, and the dude went to jail. Because this is criminal behaviour. The video is age restricted, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is a disgusting example of sexual harassment. And completely illegal in Australia. 
I’ve been to the areas where he filmed this video, and it’s a family friendly park environment. I can only hope no children had to witness this asshat.
When he’s not taking a stroll sans clothing, he likes to use the phrase, ‘I’m just going to go for it,’ and kiss totally unsuspecting women without any consent. He has over a million subscribers and I hate to think about the influence this guy has, and he’s using it to do stupid crap like this. Can people please join me in reporting this guy? (You can find his channel here.)
(Also, heads up anyone from Brisbane, Australia. He likes to film in the City/Southbank, so keep an eye out.) 



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For the lightning, try to find some low ground like a dip near you, if you can’t just lie down where you are and stay away from trees expecially tall ones, for they may explode when struck.

And for the people who asked me about the 2nd to last one, when the ocean recedes at a rapid rate, you should get to high ground cause… a tsunami is coming.
Anonymous said: Does fucking nancy have any thoughts about the economy


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